Wednesday, June 9, 2010


The winner for my bow giveaway was announced today. Also, there is a sale going on as well! Check it out!!!

I'm going camping with the kids tomorrow. My family goes camping at Fall Creek Falls every year. I love it. I'm a little worried this time around though..Being pregnant and all..I think I might have a hard time. We'll see. The kids are so excited though!

Chad was offered the job at the bank. It's scary though because it's 100% commission. Blegh. 

I have five weddings to attend this summer! Dallas and Spencer, my brothers, Charles and Chase, Chad's brothers and my cousin robby are all getting married!! Crazy huh? I love weddings though. So I'm excited. 

We are still getting the house ready to sell! Chad put down a new tile backsplash and tile on our kitchen floor. When it is all finished I'll post pictures.

Love you all!!

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